A look outside the water
by Luisa Scarlata

“Ecological Advertising”. The natural way to talk.

“Ecological Advertising”. The natural way to talk.

credit: RedHat

Carlos Casas, a young spanish entrepreneur, launched near Barcelona El Prat airport a new way to publicize a product: the “ecological advertising”.

It’s a sort of “ecological guerrilla marketing” that takes advantage from the surroundings to realize the message to be delivered. In this case, precisely, the farmland near Barcelona El Prat airport, a field really well visible especially from the 600.000 passengers that every month land in Barcelona.

The advertisement we are talking about is related to “Red Hat”, one of the most renowned American software company that is engaged in providing open-source software products to the enterprise community. “Red Hat” advertising, in this case, doesn’t consist as usual in a print ad, a tv spot or a poster. Not at all. “Red Hat” is now talking to his target through a field plowed in a way that the grass deliver his message: a message – sorry for the wordplay – highly legible.

So, beyond the brand and the product, “ecological guerrilla marketing” is a new form to consider advertising: a 100% natural approach that doesn’t alter the landscape in a negative way like traditional outdoor advertising media normally do. And uncontrived is “timing” too, because times are determined, once and again, more from nature than people. In the “Red Hat” case, for example, according to “Fly and Flowers” advertising agency, the ad can stay “alive” till the end of November.

At the end, if it’s real – like Henry Ford said – that “advertising is the soul of business” at least now it’s finally a more natural one.

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November 3rd, 2012