A look outside the water
by Luisa Scarlata

Everyone talks about “Mad Men”. But how can they judge?

Everyone talks about “Mad Men”. But how can they judge?

credit: MadMen

I always asked myself how would have been watching “OC” if you live in Orange County or “Gossip Girl” if you really are a rich Upper East Side teenager. Following “Er” or “Grey’s Anatomy” if you work as a doctor or “CSI” if you are a cop. But I know for sure what does watching “Mad Men” means if in your life you are one of them; yes if you are an ad man. Specifically (without taking any credit) I was and I am both a Peggy and a Don Draper. I dealt with more than a dozen of Pete Campbell and helped me a lot of Joan (in some cases as much as busty). I did a hundreds of presentations, created a lot of slogans, spent as many – too much – week ends and festivities in the agency. I spent a thousand nights for as many pitches and dealt whit any kind of clients.

Everyone talks about “Mad Men”. About how much “well done” it is. But, I ask myself, how can they judge? Which standard uses who doesn’t know this world from the inside? Following “Grey’s Anatomy” I never understood if what I was seeing was the truth or a series of really well done bullshits. Namely, interns live really that way? And are they really treated like that? Do that kind of procedures really exist? Is it really possible that a 16 weeks fetus can stay in an incubator and survive? I had to ask my cousin, a real doctor, to clear my mind. After all, how could I know? That’s the point: the same is about “Mad Men”. Because in this case it’s me, whit a few others but not all, who can guarantee. And here I am doing it: believe me, there is no bullshits, it’s not a fiction. In a few words doing this job, in every single role, aspect and detail, was and still is (maybe just in a less cool way) exactly like this. In the good or in the bad it’s something that you too can judge.

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June 3rd, 2012